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FOCUS Program

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What is Focus?

It is our ground breaking approach to how pump operators are trained. It is designed to be standalone training or, better yet, fully compatible with our hands on programs. Focus is modular by design. It is customized to address specific needs identified by the host department within the time they have available for the training. It is a simplified, condensed, yet a realistic approach that is relevant to the skills firefighters must competently perform as pump operators.

Focus is not a replacement for a full pump operator training program like what is offered by state training academies. Those programs remain an important initial training standard. Focus is more in the realm of a refresher, a method to address specific local needs and a way to address known areas where improvement & skill development are identified.

Most fire service leaders will agree that the skill levels of pump operators isn’t what is used to be.  Maintaining the correct nozzle pressure/flow, understanding what is happening, prioritizing and knowing what exactly what to do on a dynamic fireground with multiple hose lines are critical.

A truly skilled pump operator directly impacts firefighter safety, life safety and limiting of property damage. As automation continues to evolve it is clear that basic pump operator savvy dissolves. A living breathing and competent pump operator will be essential until the day the whole fireground is automated and firefighters are not at risk.