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Pump Service Testing 101

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In our many years of fire service experience and pump service testing it is clear that different people view the pump service test from different perspectives. Even qualified and experienced pump testing vendors vary in what they think a pump test is. As the person or jurisdiction charged with engaging a testing service, a basic understanding of the process and knowledge of the options available in the market are very helpful?

The need for pump service testing is essentially twofold. It helps in determining the state of readiness of the pumping system on your apparatus and it helps comply with NFPA, ISO and other standards. Obviously there is more to it, but those two things are the headings of it all.

Those who conduct pump testing have an aptitude for the testing based on their particular business practices. The differences can sometimes get confusing. Accordingly, many decision makers choose based on some level of misinformation. Some simply seek a pump service testing certificate. Others want all the data detail as part of a comprehensive fleet maintenance program. FDSS believes educated choices make for better results.
Be it compliance, part of a maintenance program or anything else, an understanding is always helpful in making the best choices for the department. We have developed a short presentation on the essence of pump testing for what NFPA calls the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) It is not a technical program but instead talks about the basics in an easily understandable way. This program can help the AHJ make the choices best for them.

This presentation is adaptable to group meetings and is not specifically geared to promoting just what FDSS does. It will present understandable information that can help the AHJ with making informed choices related to their pump service testing program. It is not meant to be a standalone training session. It is meant to fit in available time slots. Contact us for more info by clicking our “contact us

  • NFPA 1911 overview
  • Twofold purpose of pump testing
  • Core test segments
  • Allowable technologies
  • Pump testing types and methods
  • Evaluating local applicability of test methods
  • Key report information
  • Pass, fail & retest criteria
  • Most common pump testing deficiencies
  • Bottom line considerations

This program is presented by Alex McCurdy, Chief Ret. After over 35 years in the fire service Alex formed FDSS, a company that specializes in pump operator training and pump service testing. FDSS has tested over 1,500 pumps and conducted advanced training for thousands of pump operators since 2008.