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More About Independent Third Party Services

Independent third party testing services maintain their focus on the quality of the testing service they provide the customer.  Independent services have no conflicts of interest or alternative motivations. Typically all costs are identified up front.
Many companies that conduct pump service testing are actually apparatus maintenance companies who earn the majority of their income conducting repairs. For these companies pump testing becomes an avenue to generate repair work.  These services are convenient but often lead to substantial costs above and beyond the testing process.
Independent services are not aligned to one repair service provider. This allows the authority having jurisdiction to choose the most appropriate and cost effective vendor for any repairs that may be needed.  Independents are happy to work with any vendor the customer may choose. 

With FDSS services, the customer will be able to assess the readiness of their pumps from a fleetwide perspective. Given the limited municipal dollars available for maintenance, fleetwide prioritization will allow for expending funds where they are most needed.