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  • Our unique training programs are geared toward the development of pump operator/engineer practical skills that translate directly to the fireground experience and improved proficiency. This experience enhances firefighter safety and reduces unnecessary damage to pumps by increasing overall operator competency.
  • Our programs are effective as standalone or as a compliment other training and certification programs. We build upon best practices and operating policies by applying real world functional knowledge in an effective and enjoyable learning environment.
  • FDSS Training is well suited to small and large departments alike. Programs can be customized to meet local training needs and schedules. Programs accommodate any level of pump operator experience easily.
  • Combining world class technology with the voice of over 150 years of collective instructor experience is what separates FDSS from all other pump operator training.


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Ground Breaking Innovation Pump Operator Training


Our Focus program customizes training to your needs. Programs are efficient and, like our hands on training, directly enhance the competency of pump operators.

We work with you, in the time and budget you have available to craft effective subject matterĀ  from one of our Focus modules.







Focus Training

We are continually developing new and innovative programs

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